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A software designed to be reliable, easy to use and with all the functionality you need, including 100% integration of Glovo and Uber Eats orders directly into the POS. Certified by the Tax Authority and with the guarantee of all legally required updates, free of charge and quickly.

A software designed to be reliable, easy to use and with all the functionality you need, including 100% integration of Glovo and Uber Eats orders directly into the POS. Certified by the Tax Authority and with the guarantee of all legally required updates, free of charge and quickly.

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Restaurant Software Functionality

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Main features
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The offer of business solutions has developed in recent years, popularizing the use of ERP systems as an indispensable tool for the control and integration of information.

The customization and evolution of installed ERPs will in turn add value and differentiation to the company's business.

The sectorial experience of FPF Sistemas Gestão decisively determines the value of its offer in this field.

In this area, FPF Sistemas Gestão rigorously assesses, through a team of specialized consultants, the needs of its customers and partners, creating immediate solutions.

This service includes:

Consulting services
Process reengineering
Solution Implementation
Audit of Computer Systems
Project and Service Management
systems security
Consulting services aim at analyzing, certifying and monitoring the implementation of solutions.

Starting the consultancy processes, in terms of needs, passing through functional and budgetary objectives, FPF Sistemas Gestão offers the guarantee of serving its clients with adequate solutions added to the true focal point of a company, the functionality.

Competence of Consulting Services:

Consulting for Management Software
Consulting for Structured Networks
Consulting for Passive and Active Systems
Monitoring of implementation processes
Consulting for Production Software
Hardware Consulting
Consulting for Specific Solutions

Usually the way to implement a system is with an implementation contract that automatically renews as the hours run out.

We have two types of time, local time and remote time, in this way we can reduce implementation costs and create customer satisfaction with a high added value in the implementation and requested solutions.

Its flexibility makes it possible to have additional configurations defined by the customer, providing a solution adapted to its mode of operation.

The methodology for implementation consists of:

Survey of Needs It is necessary to properly identify the entire operating process of the company, from issuing the budget and receiving orders to stock control and accounting, not neglecting the analysis of the layout and content of the respective documents.

Software ConfigurationConfiguration and parameterization of the software and all documentation, taking into account the method to be implemented in the company and the entire survey.

Database Definition and InstallationConfiguration and installation of the database on the client's server and workstations.

Training The training of the software will be defined between FPF Sistemas Gestão and the client company. This training, as a rule, should be carried out at FPF Sistemas Gestão, with few exceptions, where there will have to be an agreement between the interested parties. The days for the respective training should be scheduled.

In terms of Technical Assistance, FPF Sistemas Gestão has an experienced team of personnel specialized in the most diverse areas, ranging from the configuration of a simple work terminal to the implementation of complex networks.

This team provides support that guarantees the functionality of the entire system of each Client Company, alerting them to that, and solving possible and potential problems when they are detected, because the functionality of each Client is the priority of FPF Sistemas Gestão.

Competence of Technical Assistance services:

Assisting customer assistance requests On-Site or at FPF Sistemas Gestão.
Perform periodic On-Site maintenance services under contract.
Workstations (PC's).
Configuration of Corporate Networks, from simple workstations to File / Database servers.
Help the Customer to carry out a first screening over the phone, before a technician is sent to the Customer's company, in case the situation involves a passive incidence.
Power Supplies and Backup Support.
Maintain the physical structure of the Customer's company network.
Proceed with the installation and testing of equipment.

As a complement to the after-sales service, the software technicians from FPF Sistemas Gestão will make the necessary adjustments to the software so that it adapts to the reality and needs of each company.

Carrying out all the necessary services from the conversion of data coming from other software, to the configuration of printed material for the printers, passing through the training of employees of each company.

Software technicians are properly qualified and prepared to provide support either On-Site, on-site or by phone/mobile.

Finally, FPF Sistemas Gestão has a telephone Help Desk whose purpose is to assist customers with their doubts, questions and problems.

Competence of Software Support Services:

After-sales assistance
Provide Management Software Training Services
On-Site or Phone/Mobile Support
Assistance services through Call-Center
Configure the relative documents (Invoice Masks, Receipts, etc.)
Software Updates


Freebee® is a program integrated in Zone Soft's software that allows the customer to obtain advantages in a wide range of restaurants and retail stores, making his business the target of the attention of thousands of people.


In practice, freebee® couldn't be simpler.

The customer identification mode is just the mobile number. Thus:

1. The customer registers on the website, in the mobile application or at the time of purchase (directly at the POS).

2. The customer identifies himself with his mobile phone number at the time of payment.

3. The system recognizes the customer and applies the agreed promotion for their store.



In addition to loyalty, your brand will be present on the website www.freebee.pt, APPs (Android and iOS) and social networks.

The award rule, this one, will be defined by you, and may go through:

- Direct discount (the most effective).

- Deferred discount (to encourage customer return).

- By objectives (when buying 10 menus or "x”euros there is a menu/euros offer).


Additionally, freebee® allows you, from time to time, to develop campaigns to attract customers to your point of sale, in the form of hot deals or vouchers.



Now you can accept MB WAY payments. A new service natively integrated into Zone Soft software.

MB WAY is a SIBS service for mobile payments, in which the merchant only needs the customer's telephone number to pay for the transaction.

No additional costs for activating Zone Soft software.
Simple to activate and use.
Safe, with transactions protected by SIBS.
Participating banks: ActivoBank, Banif, BBVA, Best, BPI, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Crédito Agrícola, Millennium Bcp, Montepio, Novo Banco and Santander Totta.

Requisitos mínimos para utilização do software ZS REST:

– Processador de 2.0 GHz Quad Core ou superior.

– 4 GB de RAM de memoria.

– 2 GB de espaço disponível no disco rígido.

– Sistema operativo Windows 7 SP1 ou Superior.

– Ligação à internet.


Requisitos mínimos para utilização da aplicação ZS REST APP:

– Sistema operativo aindroid versão 5 ou superior.

– Wi-fi.


Requisitos mínimos para utilização da aplicação ZMonitor:

– Sistema operativo aindroid versão 4.4 ou superior.

– Wi-fi.


Your customers can now benefit from yet another integrated solution with Zone Soft software

Businesses have started to open doors and one of the sectors most affected by this pandemic is getting ready to resume its activity. And as we know that restaurants are increasingly looking for "all-in-one" solutions, we have just integrated the ZS rest App and the ZS mobile in the latest generation contactless TPA's from Viva Wallet.

Your customers now have one more possibility of order management and invoicing, without the need for a separate device. This ensures greater convenience, time savings and cost savings.




Anyone who is already a Viva Wallet customer, in addition to all the advantages they already enjoy, such as acceptance commissions of up to 0%, can access our software without development and integration costs. And for restaurants that do not yet have a Viva Wallet account, the process is very simple and only involves a free online registration, which takes just a few minutes on the official website.

Activation of ZS rest App and ZS mobile

After registering your free account at Viva Wallet, to use our software, the restaurant needs to contact our consultants to activate the application on your terminal.



Levoo®  is a 100% Portuguese start-up, technological partner of Zone Soft, responsible for the development of a digital platform for the management of meal orders, available in a smartphone application and in a multi- and mono-insignia kiosk, either for on-premises or take-out. -away, which has revolutionized the way consumers and restaurants interact.

In the smartphone application or in multi- and mono-insignia Kiosks, Levoo®  takes your restaurant where your customers are, creating the ideal environment to:

Aumentar o valor médio da compra e a sua faturação num todo Reduzir custos fixos e variáveis por transação Aumentar a visibilidade do seu restaurante Promover uma maior satisfação dos seus clientes
Increase the average purchase value and your billing as a whole Reduce fixed and variable costs per transaction Increase your restaurant's visibility Promote greater customer satisfaction

In addition to having an easy and intuitive touch screen interface, Levoo®  solutions bring a full range of functions for your operation:

Accepts Electronic Payments such as Debit, Credit, Meal, MB Way and PayPal* Cards
Allows Real-Time Management of Orders and Invoicing in the Own Portal
It is an Additional Channel for Advertising and Communication of your Offers
Integrates with Loyalty Programs
Allows Offer for Take Away and On-Site Consumption
*only available in smartphone app.

Fully integrated with the management and invoicing software ZS rest Cloud, Levoo® increases the visibility of your restaurant while providing greater convenience to consumers, making the entire ordering process more convenient and efficient, with the added value of creating an experience of unique purchase to your customers.

Kiosk Monomarca Kiosk Multimarca App
Ideal for establishments with reduced staff that want to differentiate themselves by digitizing their service, giving the customer the power to choose their order. Ideal for restaurants in food courts in shopping centers, ensuring that your product is presented to customers at the time of decision. Ideal for reaching even more customers! In a few clicks, it makes it possible to purchase your product, with greater control over the delivery time and comfort of the process to the customer.

Minimum requirements:

1 Android tablet with internet
1 bluetooth printer






Zone Soft is the first company in Portugal to truly work with the potential of the hybrid cloud, operating online and offline. With Zone Soft software, the information generated by the points of sale is synchronized, in real time or as soon as it is connected to the internet, stored and made available in the cloud.

• Avoid loss of tax and management information about your business.
• Prevent legal non-compliance with the Tax Authority.
• Do not risk complaints from consumers for lack of invoices on the portal.
• End costly maintenance and information retrieval.


Have all your tax and management information always available and secure.

With Zone Soft's cloud technology, and as long as there is an internet connection, the system performs data synchronization every 20 seconds, safeguarding all information.

It is also possible to see in the front office of the points of sale and on the ZS BMS portal, if the synchronization with the cloud is being carried out – Green cloud button: documents synchronized.


ZS Cloud ensures a backup copy policy, with automatic synchronization of all information and maintenance of 2 databases simultaneously, requirements of the Tax Authority for the use of billing programs.

Additionally, it performs a daily backup with report on the Portal www.zsbms.com.

Order No. 8632/2014, of 3 July (Diário da República No. 126/2014 – 03/07, Series II)

3.1.2 - Have implemented a policy of mandatory backup copies, in order to minimize the volume of data to be recovered in case of database corruption and/or the maintenance of two or more simultaneous databases so that, when one becomes corrupted, the other(s) ensure the continuity of billing.


With virtually unlimited storage capacity. You don't need to worry about storing information or how much space it occupies on your computer.


Access your establishment's information in real time, whenever and wherever you want, from any device: pc, smartphone or tablet.


The use of the cloud makes it possible to instantly carry out automatic updates both on the ZS BMS portal and on the workstations themselves, with an internet connection.




Control your business from a single portal.
The ZS BMS platform, interconnected with all Zone Soft software solutions, allows you to manage your business remotely and even issue SAFT in an uncomplicated way.

If you prefer, you can also access all the information through APPs on iOS and Android.

At Zone Soft we are constantly innovating in order to develop the necessary tools to free you for what is most important: Focus on your business.


With internet access, you can control and streamline your business from your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).


Use of Zone Soft software functionalities from the ZS BMS portal and direct synchronization to points of sale, in real time, with internet connection.


With a single access, all businesses that use Zone Soft software – ZS REST, ZS POS and ZS POS MOBILE will be available.


Monitoring and management of all online businesses, with presentation of graphics, analysis maps and reports, with export to PDF and Excel.


Issuance of SAFT and accounting maps.


Issuance of transport documents, delivery notes, transport guides and global transport guides, with real-time communication to the Tax Authority.


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