FPF Sistemas - 1 - Consulting, Planning and Design

1 - Consulting, Planning and Design

The offer of business solutions has developed in recent years, popularizing the use of ERP systems as an indispensable tool for the control and integration of information.

The customization and evolution of installed ERPs will in turn add value and differentiation to the company's business.

The sectorial experience of FPF Sistemas Gestão decisively determines the value of its offer in this field.

In this area, FPF Sistemas Gestão rigorously assesses, through a team of specialized consultants, the needs of its customers and partners, creating immediate solutions.

This service includes:

Consulting services
Process reengineering
Solution Implementation
Audit of Computer Systems
Project and Service Management
systems security
Consulting services aim at analyzing, certifying and monitoring the implementation of solutions.

Starting the consultancy processes, in terms of needs, passing through functional and budgetary objectives, FPF Sistemas Gestão offers the guarantee of serving its clients with adequate solutions added to the true focal point of a company, the functionality.

Competence of Consulting Services:

Consulting for Management Software
Consulting for Structured Networks
Consulting for Passive and Active Systems
Monitoring of implementation processes
Consulting for Production Software
Hardware Consulting
Consulting for Specific Solutions