FPF Sistemas - 3 - Technical assistance

3 - Technical assistance

In terms of Technical Assistance, FPF Sistemas Gestão has an experienced team of personnel specialized in the most diverse areas, ranging from the configuration of a simple work terminal to the implementation of complex networks.

This team provides support that guarantees the functionality of the entire system of each Client Company, alerting them to that, and solving possible and potential problems when they are detected, because the functionality of each Client is the priority of FPF Sistemas Gestão.

Competence of Technical Assistance services:

Assisting customer assistance requests On-Site or at FPF Sistemas Gestão.
Perform periodic On-Site maintenance services under contract.
Workstations (PC's).
Configuration of Corporate Networks, from simple workstations to File / Database servers.
Help the Customer to carry out a first screening over the phone, before a technician is sent to the Customer's company, in case the situation involves a passive incidence.
Power Supplies and Backup Support.
Maintain the physical structure of the Customer's company network.
Proceed with the installation and testing of equipment.

As a complement to the after-sales service, the software technicians from FPF Sistemas Gestão will make the necessary adjustments to the software so that it adapts to the reality and needs of each company.

Carrying out all the necessary services from the conversion of data coming from other software, to the configuration of printed material for the printers, passing through the training of employees of each company.

Software technicians are properly qualified and prepared to provide support either On-Site, on-site or by phone/mobile.

Finally, FPF Sistemas Gestão has a telephone Help Desk whose purpose is to assist customers with their doubts, questions and problems.

Competence of Software Support Services:

After-sales assistance
Provide Management Software Training Services
On-Site or Phone/Mobile Support
Assistance services through Call-Center
Configure the relative documents (Invoice Masks, Receipts, etc.)
Software Updates