FPF Sistemas - Orders and payments and invoicing at TPA

Orders and payments and invoicing at TPA


Your customers can now benefit from yet another integrated solution with Zone Soft software

Businesses have started to open doors and one of the sectors most affected by this pandemic is getting ready to resume its activity. And as we know that restaurants are increasingly looking for "all-in-one" solutions, we have just integrated the ZS rest App and the ZS mobile in the latest generation contactless TPA's from Viva Wallet.

Your customers now have one more possibility of order management and invoicing, without the need for a separate device. This ensures greater convenience, time savings and cost savings.




Anyone who is already a Viva Wallet customer, in addition to all the advantages they already enjoy, such as acceptance commissions of up to 0%, can access our software without development and integration costs. And for restaurants that do not yet have a Viva Wallet account, the process is very simple and only involves a free online registration, which takes just a few minutes on the official website.

Activation of ZS rest App and ZS mobile

After registering your free account at Viva Wallet, to use our software, the restaurant needs to contact our consultants to activate the application on your terminal.