FPF Sistemas - Quality


The key element of the activity of FPF Sistemas Gestão is the offer of differentiated products and services, with the aim of identifying and satisfying the needs of its customers, in order to meet their expectations and contribute to their success.

The commitment to the Quality of the products and services provided is the best defense against the competition and the only way to ensure the continued growth of positive results, under increasingly competitive market conditions.

Sell ​​quality products, within the defined period and in accordance with the specified requirements;

Practice a competitive pricing policy;
Provide an effective after-sales service;
Develop a partnership relationship with its suppliers in order to maintain a permanent update in terms of technology and the market;
Maintain a participatory management system, decentralizing powers and delegating levels of authority;
Provide a good working environment for employees, providing them with the means and technical and human resources necessary for the good performance of the tasks inherent to their functions;
Encourage and promote constant updating and professional training, contributing to the professional development of FPF Sistemas Gestão employees.
Collaborate with the competent official entities, in order to contribute to the conservation of the environment, namely by separating and sending for recycling the materials and waste that may be.
This strategy can only be achieved through teamwork, in which everyone in the company strives to eliminate avoidable errors, concentrating efforts to prevent their occurrence, thus ensuring the continued success of FPF Sistemas Gestão in the long term.