FPF Sistemas - ZS GO it's so simple and fast that it allows you to issue an invoice within seconds.

ZS GO it's so simple and fast that it allows you to issue an invoice within seconds.

Managing your company's billing has never been easier.

What is ZS go
ZS go is AT Certified Online Invoicing Software with number 2858 that allows you to bill for products or services on any device. All the steps of creating an account, entities and products are simplified so that you can bill with complete freedom in a very fast and uncomplicated way, without wasting time and anywhere.

How it works?
With such a simple billing system, you can stay focused on what's important.
Your business.

ZS go is an online software developed in a SaaS (Software as a Service) system and created with the objective of making your invoicing a simple, fast and intuitive process.

Invoice scheduling

With ZS go you can issue an accounting document in seconds. Set up recurring billing or schedule reminders to avoid late payments by customers and not waste time on billing.

Profile creation
You can also create profiles according to the type of employee who interacts with the system, be it accountants, administrative staff or whoever organizes the distribution of the company's products.

Dashboard and Reports
It also provides an intuitive dashboard that gives you an overview of your business and a series of reports that allow you to have relevant information at your fingertips with regard to invoicing, collections, checking accounts, taxes and much more...

Types of documents
ZS go issues all documents necessary to manage your business:

Invoice | Receipt | Invoice/Receipt | Credit Note | Transport Guide | Shipping Guide | Return Guide | Proforma invoice